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Sea tempest Harvey looks massive from space


Sea tempest Harvey looks massive from space

Sea tempest Harvey, which is estimate to wind up noticeably the most grounded such tempest to hit the U.S. in finished 10 years, is a gnarly sight from above.

Space travelers on board the International Space Station caught the eye of Hurricane Harvey over Texas, where it’s required to make landfall Friday night or Saturday morning as a Category 3 or 4 storm.

Harvey is then figure to slow down out for quite a long time, dumping 2 to 3 FEET of rain along the Texas and Louisiana coastlines.

NASA space explorer Randy Bresnik posted two photographs of the tempest from space.

God Bless Texas, may you weather the storm as you always have!

A post shared by NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik (@astrokomrade) on

With the tempest gauge to achieve greatest managed twist velocities of 125 mph, resigned Canadian space traveler Chris Hadfield, who flew on board the ISS, tweeted about observing the gigantic tempest fermenting over “your family.”

The NASA corps of space travelers are situated in Houston, Texas, which is home to the Johnson Space Center.

These are effective photographs, however not as capable as the Category 3 winds and rains gauge to descend quick on the Gulf Coast for a long time consecutively.

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