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Elon Musk tears Mercedes’ electric vehicle objectives, Mercedes hits back


Elon Musk tears Mercedes’ electric vehicle objectives, Mercedes hits back

After Elon Musk communicated dissatisfaction with the electric vehicle speculations of Daimler, the parent organization of automaker Mercedes-Benz, the organization shot back at Musk with its more terrific electric desire.

On Sunday, a USA TODAY Money tweet revealed Daimler’s dedication of $1 billion dollars to update a current Mercedes manufacturing plant and fabricate another battery plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where Mercedes wants to create its cutting edge, every single electric Suv. Musk, be that as it may, was not awed with only a $1 billion dollar venture from such an enormous, heritage automaker.

In the wake of seeing the feedback from the Tesla CEO, Daimler shielded its electric vehicle designs, expressing that its aggregate venture is more than ten times that detailed by USA TODAY Money, at over $10 billion:

The connection Daimler countered with demonstrates that it has considerably more noteworthy electric vehicle objectives past the $1 billion dollar duty toward redesigning its current Tuscaloosa plant and building a spic and span battery plant adjacent, which would be its fifth battery plant all around. As per Daimler’s electric vehicle site, Mercedes intends to deliver the already said all-electric SUV with a noteworthy 310 miles of range, an enormous 26-ton all electric truck, charging stations, batteries, and other e-items.

After observing Daimler’s response to his tweet, Musk gave a brief reaction to his imposing electric vehicle contenders:


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