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Does Melania Trump utilize a body twofold? We explore.


Does Melania Trump utilize a body twofold? We explore.

From time to time, a paranoid fear goes along that is so candidly fulfilling I must choose the option to show it as reality.

Consider the most recent Twitter paranoid idea making the rounds: that Melania Trump is utilizing a body twofold and has been doing it for quite a long time.

Melania, the hypothesis goes, despises Washington and also her significant other and has liberally offered her body twofold for use at open occasions.

Young lady, we get it. And keeping in mind that practically web schemes are junk, there’s even some proof for this one that makes it … practically … possibly … not humiliating to consider?

Gumshoes, we should examine.

The hypothesis seems to have commenced throughout the end of the week, when regarded Guardian feature writer Marina Hyde tweeted this:

Hyde could have been joking. That didn’t stop the miserable individuals of Twitter, urgent for some old school imbecilic news to stick to, from making the trick one billion strides further and propelling it as certainty.

The hypothesis took off when a Twitter account we can clearly put stock in,, proposed precisely the same on Wednesday., a self-recognized “Cannapreneeur” ready to wind up noticeably the Nate Silver of paranoid fears, proposed some confirmation that, by all appearances, is cursing:

Gracious, Melania. We would so love to trust that you’ve left your better half to live in a brilliant castle, where you can wear your glasses in the washroom while discreetly subtweeting your significant other. There are such huge numbers of individuals out there who need you to separate him and keep on using his charge card to arrange Seamless. That is to say, this is the sort of imagination exact retribution hypothesis each #Resistance part should clutch for whatever length of time that they can.

Oh, there are a couple of motivations to be wary of the connivance. Focal points can without much of a stretch twist a man’s face, as can forming cosmetics. This is a screenshot from a video we’re working with. What’s more, utilizing progressed searchbar innovation, we found these photographs gone up against that day:

Evidence A:


Evidence B:


I mean c’mon now this is getting humiliating:

For the time being, I need to rate this hypothesis as “add up to refuse.” My sympathies to poor people, instructed individuals at Politifact who will now be compelled to expose this hypothesis, just to get shouted at by the web.

That being stated, it’s still hypothetically conceivable that Melania uses a body twofold and we don’t have the confirmation for it yet. Living, all by itself, is a struggle. The news is terrible. I won’t stop believin’. Neither should you.



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