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Louis C.K’s. ‘I Love You, Daddy’ trailer couldn’t come at a more unbalanced time


Louis C.K’s. ‘I Love You, Daddy’ trailer couldn’t come at a more unbalanced time

Ok, indeed, in no way like a curious dramedy about an anecdotal Hollywood sexual stalker to get our psyches off of every one of those genuine Hollywood sexual stalkers. Particularly when it’s made by somebody who is, himself, an affirmed Hollywood sexual stalker.

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Louis C.K. coordinated, co-composed, and stars in I Love You, Daddy, a Manhattan praise including a Woody Allen remain in played by John Malkovich. C.K. plays a C.K. sort, a fruitful TV author bringing up a girl (Chloë Grace Moretz).

The film fixates on the revolting assertions encompassing Malkovich’s character. He has a preference for teenager young ladies, and talk that he once attacked a youngster. At the point when the little girl hits up a fellowship with the pervy more established executive, C.K’s. character blows a gasket.

I Love You, Daddy isn’t about the C.K. affirmations in essence, however they’re outrageously difficult to disregard when the film is demonstrating us scene after scene of C.K’s. character discussing the space amongst gossip and actuality – and particularly when the whole media outlet is staggering past one rape embarrassment after another.

Of course, I figure there’s awful time to discharge such a motion picture in any case. So I Love You, Daddy will be in theaters Nov. 17.


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