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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 debut was brimming with easter eggs, yet you likely missed the best one


‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 debut was brimming with easter eggs, yet you likely missed the best one

The Walking Dead’s Season 8 debut likewise happened to be the show’s 100th scene, which gave the makers an ideal reason to slip in some easter eggs and callbacks to the past 99 scenes as an additional treat for fans.

Skybound Entertainment, the organization behind Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead funnies, did every one of us egg seekers a strong and joined together a next to each other examination video that uncovers exactly how much motivation executive Greg Nicotero drew from the show’s arrangement debut, utilizing Rick’s child, Carl, to parallel his dad’s adventure seven years afterward.


There are different evident reverences as well; as Nicotero disclosed to Entertainment Weekly, “Even the shot down on Rick later on Alexandria arrangement and the blossoms beside the bed — we put every one of those in there to reflect the main scene. The shocked walker that has been combined to the electrical wire — we utilized Joe Giles who was one of the principal walkers in the first show, the one that escapes the transport and takes after Rick down the road. I figured it is cool to backpedal to our underlying foundations and utilize a portion of similar walkers that were in early scenes again as only a little tribute.”

Giles wasn’t the main walker Nicotero brought back for the 100th scene; as HuffPost affirmed, the Season 8 debut included the on-screen character who played the show’s first zombie, Summer, the young lady that Rick shot in the opening minutes of the arrangement debut.

Zombies won’t not age, but rather the on-screen character, Addy Miller, is currently all adult, which empowered her to get shot by Andrew Lincoln twice, wearing similar injuries and a comparative ensemble the second time around.


im sorry, the old summer cant come to the phone right now. Why???? oh, because she’s dead.

Addy Miller (@theaddymiller)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Another fun truth? Lincoln didn’t realize that Miller was returning.

“They needed to film me independently from Andrew since he’s known to spill a few spoilers, so they had me secluded from everything the entire time so the group couldn’t know,” Addy told HuffPost.

Perhaps if the show makes it to 200 scenes, they’ll let her go three for three.

The Walking Dead show Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.


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