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The leader of Puerto Rico’s capital can’t trust this small association’s $300 million contract


The leader of Puerto Rico’s capital can’t trust this small association’s $300 million contract

At the point when the White House granted a two-man organization from Montana a $300 million contract to reestablish energy to Puerto Rico, it clearly raised some warnings.

The organization, Whitefish Energy Holdings, just so happens to be situated in the main residence of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. It likewise utilized Zinke’s child for a mid year. No doubt about it, Carmen Yulín Cruz, the chairman of Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, was somewhat distrustful.

“The agreement ought to be voided immediately and an appropriate procedure which is clear, straightforward, legitimate, good and moral should occur,” she revealed to Yahoo News on Wednesday.

Whitefish reacted by saying her remarks were lost.

Cruz — who wasn’t hesitant to censure Donald Trump over his postponed reaction to Hurricane Maria, which has so far murdered no less than 51 individuals in Puerto Rico — again scrutinized the Whitefish contract.

The organization reacted with development and regard to Cruz’s remark. Gracious hold up, nope, they tweeted this.

Yeahhhh. Debilitating to pack up and go home when just 25 percent of the power framework has been reestablished appears to be somewhat unfeeling.

By then, the Twitter fight was on.

Other Twitter clients participate. Maybe Whitefish Energy should read a Wikipedia section about the U.S. region of Puerto Rico?

Tragically, healing facilities, schools, and different structures will remain dim in Puerto Rico as this modest firm keeps on conflicting with San Juan’s leader.


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