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Goliath night crawler shot after substantial rains in Australia


Goliath night crawler shot after substantial rains in Australia

The downpours have been pouring down in Queensland, Australia.

That is come about a lot of night crawlers, particularly the digaster longmani, which is a local animal types found in the southeast of the state, and additionally northern New South Wales.

What’s more, these worms can be pretty freakin’ enormous.

As per the Courier-Mail, the night crawlers tunnel profound into the ground and just surface when there have been overwhelming downpours, landslips or unearthing.

The photograph above was taken by Kelli Mace from Mt Tamborine, and submitted to TV slot Channel Seven.

Robert Raven from Queensland Museum told the daily paper these worms can grow up to two meters in length, however are by and large one meter long.

“Seeing them is a sign we are getting great rain,” he said.

Rain has facilitated in southeast Queensland in the wake of achieving levels past 200mm a week ago, in an occasion not seen since the overwhelming Cyclone Debbie back in March.


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