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Reddit client says Pixel 2 landed without its Android working framework


Reddit client says Pixel 2 landed without its Android working framework

After booting up a spic and span Pixel 2 got via the post office, an alarmed Reddit client says the telephone touched base with no working framework introduced.

Google affirmed with Mashable that this occasion did, truth be told, happen, and an answer has been come to.

As appeared in the picture underneath, after unpacking the gadget, the shiny new Pixel 2 educated Reddit client MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD that it proved unable “find legitimate working framework.” Under typical conditions, each Pixel is introduced with Google’s all around unavoidable Android portable working framework.

With not a single working framework in sight, MAKES_PEOPLE_MAD called Google, and they requesting that he mail the Pixel back while consenting to deliver him another Pixel — apparently with Android programming introduced.

“Presently my huge expectation is that it delivers today like it says it’s gathered as well,” he told Mashable.

At first, he says Google revealed to him it would not assist shipping, but rather then evidently yielded, alongside giving him $25 Google Play Store credit.

This bother obviously didn’t dishearten him from surrendering the Pixel 2 by and large. In a messaged explanation sent to Mashable, the telephone proprietor stated:

  • “I decided to go with a Pixel 2 because I generally don’t buy flagship phones, but my work is very demanding, and I need to be able to do things like maps, calls, location research and texting all at once. I also thought the Assistant might be helpful [while] driving.”

He will more likely than not refresh the Reddit people group if his next Pixel 2 is likewise missing its product. This sounds like an uncommon incident, in spite of the fact that Google declined to remark facilitate on the occasion.



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