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Old ‘Moving Stone’ meeting uncovers Uma Thurman’s musings on treatment of ladies in Hollywood


Old ‘Moving Stone’ meeting uncovers Uma Thurman’s musings on treatment of ladies in Hollywood

Performing artist Uma Thruman, best known for her parts in Harvey Weinstein-delivered Quentin Tarantino films like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, is the most recent point of convergence of the Weinstein outrage on account of another announcement and reemerged cites from a Rolling Stone meeting from 1989.

Addressing Access Hollywood throughout the end of the week on celebrity main street for her new play The Parisian Woman, Thurman gave an announcement that was measured, however contained unmistakable outrage, saying, “I’ve discovered that when I have talked in outrage, I ordinarily lament the way that I have communicated. So I’ve been holding up to feel less furious.”


Be that as it may, while the world holds up to hear Thurman’s remarks on the present embarrassment, her contemplations from almost 30 years on the subject of her encounters in Hollywood have reemerged, as a 1989 meeting in Rolling Stone makes the rounds.

Distributed when Thurman was only 19 years of age, the meeting incorporates some telling quotes and stories, similar to the one about being hit on by Sylvester Stallone.

  • “I was here last week at the same table,” she says, after returning from her brief chat. “Sly Stallone was at the next table. He was with a woman, and as soon as she left to go to the ladies’ room, he asked me for my phone number. I said I didn’t have a phone. I kept putting him down. Finally I said, ‘Look, I’ll go skywriting and write my number in the sky.'”

There are other comparable goodies, similar to an “unmistakable chief” moving toward her amid the meeting and requesting her number so they could examine a potential part.

Much is made of Thurman’s relationship status and noting steady inquiries concerning conceivable trysts, including one about Robert Downey Jr. in which her endeavor to rectify the story ended up with the writer who initially gave an account of the charged undertaking approaching her for a date.

There’s additionally a considerable measure of talk about her looks. The profiled depicts Thurman — who, once more, had just barely turned 19 when the component was distributed — as “five eleven, light, blue peered toward and breathtaking.”

Addressing RS for the piece, John Malkovich says of Thurman, “She has this Jayne Mansfield body and a horrifyingly extraordinary cerebrum.”

Furthermore, Thurman herself tends to what those first flushes of acclaim felt like:

  • It’s tough to be the hot girl of the moment, and Uma has little patience with the subject. “What did it say about me in Mademoiselle?” she exclaims. “‘The thinking man’s sex symbol’? I don’t get off looking in the mirror. I don’t get excited. It’s just ridiculous. It’s all for everybody else.”

It’s the end quote of the story that drives this all home and makes a 28-year-old story particularly applicable in the wake of the various rape and badgering embarrassments that are ruling media outlets.

  • Uma leaves the apartment for a trip to nearby Riverside Park. One of her favorite pastimes, she says, is feeding nuts to the squirrels and birds. After one toss, a squirrel tears into a nut with ferocious vigor. “People are like that too,” Uma says. “Unfortunately, I’m the prey.”

Thurman no uncertainty will in the end address the present outrages, and picking the time and place to stand up is her right.

In any case, her own words from almost three decades prior demonstrate to us how little has changed about the territory of Hollywood’s treatment of ladies.


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