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The @me Twitter account gets ‘hundreds’ of warnings every day


The @me Twitter account gets ‘hundreds’ of warnings every day

Your relatable tweets are turned out to be a genuine cerebral pain for the province of Maine.

As The Daily Dot called attention to Saturday, one of the numerous ways individuals declare that they’ve discovered a tweet relatable is by at-answering the Twitter handle “@me.” It’s offhanded — a shorter approach to state “that is me” or “it me.”

The handle is additionally much of the time utilized when somebody says “don’t @ me,” yet neglects to put a space amongst “@” and “me.” That space improves things significantly, y’all. Isn’t Twitter fascinating?

Utilizing “@me” has a unintended reaction. The handle @me is really possessed by, a site keep running by a man named Teddy Worcester to publicize Maine tourism.

Worcester revealed to The Daily Dot that he gets “hundreds” of notices every day — and, as you may expect, many of them have nothing to do with the miracles of Maine.

For instance, a fast Twitter look reveals to us that Teddy has gotten a notice for these tweets:

Anyway, Maine is an excellent state. Unquestionably justified regardless of a visit.



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